We are a digital media group based in Jakarta and established in early 2017. We are focusing on creating and developing food review and culinary life style content under Sambalahap brand. In Sambalahap we have :

1. Sambalahap.id (website) 
2. Sambalahap With Ms. Chili (broadcasted at Sambalahap Youtube channel) 
3. Sambalahap Celebcious (broadcasted at Sambalahap Youtube channel) 
4. Sambalahap On The Road (broadcasted at Sambalahap Youtube channel) 
5. Sambalahap Creation (broadcasted at Sambalahap Facebook Page)


Each brand in Sambalahap has its own style and uniqueness. Thus, the primary target audience is in age group 25-34 unisex. Our main platforms are Sambalahap Youtube channel and www.sambalahap.id and supported by other most used social media platforms in Indonesia such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Line@.